California Governor Signs Law to Issue State ID to Illegal Aliens

California Governor Signs Law to Issue State ID to Illegal Aliens

California’s anti-American governor Gavin Newsom has signed a new law that gives illegal aliens a state ID. The law takes the left’s mission of changing Demographics of the country to a new level.

The New York Post reported that Newsom signed the law last Friday and stated that it would support the immigrant community in the state. The law is likely to makes it easier for illegal aliens to use government benefits and vote in the elections posing as American citizens – which liberals use to rig elections and stay in power.

Commenting on the story on the new law, The Washington Times wrote that the law sets a dangerous precedent as it offers incentive for further illegal migration.

If foreign citizens think they can come to California and get a job, find housing and apply for social services, they have more incentive to risk their lives trying to reach and illegally cross the border.

The liberal-run state of New York passed a law in December 2021 to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. However the New York Supreme Court struck down the law in June this year and ruled that it was illegal to allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

This didn’t stop Democrats from attempting to allow illegals into the country, facilitating their illegal travel and stay in the country, and make laws for the illegals to be fast-tracked into getting the same rights and benefits as American citizens. Currently, anti-American liberals in Washington D.C. are advancing a law similar to New York to allow illegal aliens in America to vote in local elections.

Leftist media puts its dishonesty to work when reporting such anti-American laws and changes the language to present illegal aliens as “undocumented migrants” – a term that hides the illegal background of these foreigners coming to America to live parasitically on the American taxpayer’s money funneled to them by the liberals.

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