Buffalo Policewoman Fired for Intercepting Choking by Police

Buffalo Policewoman Fired for Intercepting Choking by Police

A female police officer in Buffalo, NY, has been fired from her job and denied pension after she intercepted a fellow policeman who was choking an arrestee.cariolhorne

InvestmentWatch reported that Officer Cariol Horne responded to a call about a domestic dispute and she physically stopped fellow officer Gregory Kwiatkowski from choking a man who was led out of the house in handcuffs.

ForceChange is hosting a petition in support of Cariol Horne addressing the Chief of Police, Buffalo NY, to pay good cop her rightfully-earned pension. The story on the petition page says that the “violent officer” punched Horne and broke her nose and while he is under investigation, Horne has been removed from her job as well as deprived of her pension.

“We, the undersigned, condemn her termination and demand that her pension is restored,” reads the petition.

One thought on “Buffalo Policewoman Fired for Intercepting Choking by Police

  1. The message that Buffalo P.D. is sending the public and its own officers is that they are a criminal, thuggish, mafia organization who will not tolerate decent and fair police like Cariol Horne. Is that not correct? Did I miss something here?

    A guy that I used to work for as a young man was beaten to death by Buffalo cops back in the 80’s. His crime? Being drunk and disorderly. Another kid I knew was almost beaten to death because he was a thief and had eluded Buffalo police for a long time. When the cops finally caught up with him, instead of detaining him, they decided to take revenge. No, I’m not condoning thievery, but this kid weighed about 140lb soaking wet.

    I thought we were supposed to be living in a Constitutional Republic, not a dictatorship. When cops start acting like Nazi SS thugs, that tells me that we are fast becoming, or have become, a dictatorship. Does that make you thugs proud? If a cop is not able to behave in the way a peace officer in a free society is supposed to behave – with honor, respect and dignity – that cop should move to North Korea. Cops should be our heroes. Personally, I would never want the job, and I think that cops should get paid a lot more than they do, but ONLY if they take their oath to protect and serve and uphold the Bill of Rights seriously.

    The reality is, cops who behave like Nazi monsters are helping to usher in a tyranny from which their will be no escape, thanks to the ever-growing surveillance grid.

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