Revenge and Fear – Police Lives on the Line

Revenge and Fear – Police Lives on the Line

The madness following Michael Brown’s killing in Ferguson, MO, continues and in separate incidents, lives of quite a few policemen have ended untimely in the line of duty.gun

The news of the killing of two policemen in New York came as a shock. The killer had expressed anger at the police force in general on his social media and particularly mentioned cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner as victims of police brutality. And before killing the policemen and shooting himself to death, he reportedly even asked some bystanders to watch what he was going to do.

This kind revenge-based killing is reported at times and seems to target law enforcement personnel who are in some way seen as responsible for some kind of injustice – and that could only be the perception of the vengeful attacker. In an incident last year, a former police officer was arrested for shooting officials he considered responsible for his termination from police force.

Another police officer was killed near Florida’s Tampa Bay area three days ago. The suspect arrested for the crime is a young man who served four years in prison and was afraid that if caught again for violation of probation, he’d find himself again in a “cage”. It was obviously more of fear-based killing than revenge or anger based. But the two emotions, gone wild, boil down to the same effect.

Whether the police on duty shoot and kill rightfully or wrongfully, the violent incidents following appear to indicate that the hurt doesn’t go away easily, at least in some cases, and an emotionally wounded person can turn to violence against the innocent – as in case of the officials shot in the cases mentioned above. Do two wrongs make a right? No, and similarly, killing for killing doesn’t bring peace – only more blood spilt.

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