Biden’s Mental Heath Fails on Climate and Calendar

Biden’s Mental Heath Fails on Climate and Calendar

The illegitimate president of United States, Joe Biden exhibited pathetic mental health on more than one occasion while struggling to speak coherently on climate and even forgetting what year it was in a speech in New York.

The Gateway Pundit reported on September 7 that Biden’s obviously poor mental health showing during a statement he was giving on video, looking at is notes from the note cards on hid desk. Biden was seen confused and struggling to say something meaningful while caught in repetition of uh, uh, and you know filling the circular sentences coming out of him as he looked at the notes repeatedly. The Next News Network highlighted his failing mental health in their video (see below).

This comes at the same time when the senile pedophile was caught on video giving a speech in New York and forgetting what year the world was living in as he said:

By 2020, We Will Make Sure All Our Electricity Is Zero Emissions.

The Western Journal called it “yet another blunder” of Biden.

As always, the leftist media mobs went blind and deaf on these big mental health gaffes of the senile pedophile that got into the White House by a massively rigged election in November 2020.

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