How to Get the Bohemian Look in Your Bedroom

How to Get the Bohemian Look in Your Bedroom

by Daniel Bell

Bohemian style bedrooms can look extremely charming. They’re full of character, but they aren’t too stimulating. They’re usually very cosy and easy to relax in. Having a space like this makes the bedroom a great place to spend time and relax. Nailing the bohemian look can be tricky. After all, it can’t really be defined. It’s a mix of all things arty, free, and creative. Here’s how you can start creating the look in your bedroom:

Include Artwork That You Love

Find some artwork that you love and display it in your bedroom. Many people like to include artwork on their landings, in their living rooms, and places most people will see it. You don’t have to. If you find some artwork that lights you up, feel free to include it in your bedroom.Bohemian-Bedroom

Go All Out With Textures, Patterns, and Color

Something you’ll notice with most bohemian bedrooms is that they go all out with texture, pattern and color. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the boho style, so it’s pretty much anything you like. You could mix it up to create a multi-colored, jewel toned haven. You could use 3 contrasting colors to create an interesting look. You could even use one neutral color to play up the elements in the room. Textures like lace and bamboo help to create a dreamy look in the room.

Have a Space for Creativity

Boho is all about being creative, so have a space for creativity in your room. Even if it’s just a small desk that you can journal on for 5 minutes each day.

Use Vintage and Antique Finds

Vintage and antique finds are just perfect for the boho look. You can trawl boot sales, charity shops, and online vintage shops to find some unique things that will look great in the room. Some people even like to repurpose things like vintage suitcases and use them as tables.

Make Your Bed as Cozy as Possible

In any boho bedroom, you’ll always find a cosy bed. A bed that is just crying out to be jumped on! You’ll need a cozy bed, which you can get from an online bed shop. You can then decorate with lots of pillows and throws.

Have Cozy Lighting

If you want a true boho feel in your bedroom, you need to be able to create a cosy atmosphere. Many people do this with the help of soft, warm lighting. Lighting that glows is a must! You can use lanterns, lamps, and even fairy lights to help you create this atmosphere.

Add Jewelled Elements

Jewelled elements add to the boho theme as they add lots of texture, but an element of luxury too. You can use jewelled elements to tie back your curtains, or even on things like your light fittings.

Ready to create a dreamy boho look in your bedroom? Use these tips and get creative on your own to create a look that’s all your own. Have fun!

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