America’s Illegitimate President Imposing Vaccine Mandate

America’s Illegitimate President Imposing Vaccine Mandate

With yet another dramatic U-turn of the disgraced and discredited CDC – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the illegitimate administration occupying the White House has launched full-blown war on Americans with announcing vaccine mandate for federal employees.

The pathetic failure of the COVID vaccines started showing since Day one and as more vaccinated people developed COVID, over the past 6 months, the leading quacks Dr. Walensky and Dr. Fauci struggled for explanation. They quickly threw the blame on the Delta variant – which has not been scientifically proven to exist – and claimed it was infecting the unvaccinated. Then they had to change their science tale again as fully vaccinated people all around the country continued to test positive. Despite claiming the vaccines are effective against all variants, now they imply the shots are not effective against Delta and the vaccinated can still transmit the virus so they should wear masks again.

Interestingly, the new reversed policy of CDC is reportedly based on a study that failed peer review. The American Journal highlighted that issue in their recent show.

The reversal of the mask policy, however, is based more on the desperation of the current illegitimate administration that has failed to fool enough people into falling for the pandemic hoax and thus scared into vaccination. That is why they are going ahead with the vaccine mandate to scare people into losing their freedoms of daily life should they refuse the shots. And people are already resisting.

Per the new vaccine mandate of the illegitimate administration, the U.S. Capitol Police were told to arrest those visitors and staff members that refuse to wear a mask within the premises of the federal capitol building, Washington Examiner reported.

Meanwhile, the fake science of the sold-out doctors continues and they are pulling their own science out of their behinds to add to the COVID circus. The incompetent Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, was recently reported saying that vaccinated people need to wear masks to protect unvaccinated people.

It is clear that the COVID vaccine has become the most important prostitute on the planet, one with countless pimps. Watch out for the one nearest you.

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  1. The problem is I can’t dive into a pool that has no water. Since the so-called “Delta Variant” first made news, no published scientific research has been shared with us that shows a new variant has been found and scientifically examined using standard procedures. All I saw at first was the Indian Health Ministry posting a press release that a new variant has been making people sick (and that was soon after they started mass vaccination n India in the fall of 2020). The media in America and the west instantly took that up and started talking about Delta variant without sharing any actual research. Dr. Kaufman as always is brilliant in explaining the science of it. His presentation on the alleged virus and variants is here:

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