Dental Bone Loss and Facial Pain Linked to COVID Shots

Dental Bone Loss and Facial Pain Linked to COVID Shots

The COVID-19 vaccines are not only a threat to your life and overall safety and well-being but may also be causing your tooth pain and bone less. A seasoned dentist has suggested a link between mRNA COVID vaccines and dental problems as well as oral and facial pain.

YourNews Media recently reported on the research by an Alabama dentist Dr. Amy Hartsfield linking the mRNA COVID shots – Pfizer and Moderna vaccines – to dental and facial pain. The core of the problem, as her research suggests, lies in the microclots caused by the mRNA COVID shots. The clots result in destroying the bone density and thus causing serious dental issues.

In case of some patients, all teeth had to be pulled to deal with the pain caused by the bone density loss associated with microclots. The main culprit causing the micrclots is believed to be the synthetic polymer named polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the mRNA COVID shots – the first time it has been used in any vaccine.

In addition to Orofacial Bone Loss, another Alabama-based doctor, Dr. John Collier, reported seeing an “unbelievable amount of increasing facial pain” in patients since the vaccines were rolled out two years ago. Oral surgeon Dr. Doug Denson also has seen a surge in number of patients since the mRNA COVID shots were administered. Their common health issues include: inflammation of the tongue and hyper-inflammatory responses, and osteomyelitis (infection of jaw).

Hartsfield now sees these dental and orofacial problems as vaccine injuries and was cited saying:

“I have to screen these people to see if they’ve been vaccinated, when and how many times, and then I see if I can treat them.”

A fake pandemic of the so-called COVID-19 was imposed on the world in early 2020 following which dangerous and unscientific mRNA shots were mandated by corrupt regimes in most of the world countries, causing deaths and injuries.

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