WorldnBrief: Amazon Censoring Reviews of Clinton’s Book, Terror in London, and More

WorldnBrief: Amazon Censoring Reviews of Clinton’s Book, Terror in London, and More

Amazon Deleted One-Star Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Book

Popular online book store Amazon has been caught deleting bad reviews of Hillary Clinton’s recently published book What Happened while leaving the favorable reviews on the book page.

Amazon removed hundreds of one-star reviews while leaving the 5-star or other more favorable ones on the site, under the lame excuse of suspecting the one-star reviews came from people who haven’t actually read the book and just wanted to trash it. The move has exposed Amazon’s political side and informed people will certainly be taking notice of this kind of rating censorship.

London Hit by Another Islamist Terrorist Attack

Reaping the fruit of its liberal Islamist policies, UK continues to lose its hold of law against Islamist terrorism on its soil. The latest bombing on a London train has been claimed by ISIS, say reports. The British government has been raising threat levels with each attack but shy of exposing and attacking the culprits behind it.

New Clinton Emails Show More Foul Play

More classified information was mishandled and evidence of pay-for-play has been found in new emails relating Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin when Clinton was Secretary of State. Townhall reports that Judicial Watch released the new emails, previously not seen or reported, showing Hillary Clinton and Abedin mishandled more classified information while Hillary also used her position to benefit her husband Bill Clinton’s foundation.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton was quoted commenting on the previous FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails scandal, “We all know Comey’s investigation was a sham. They need to restart it up.”

33 Dead in Nigeria Boat Mishap

Latest news from Nigeria say at least 33 people died by drowning as an overloaded boat capsized in the northwestern part of the country. The boat was carrying traders from the south to the northern region and was loaded more than twice for its capacity—carrying 150 people instead of 70. Besides the 33 dead bodies recovered, 23 are still missing and are assumed dead by now. Overloading kills and yet it continues to be practiced in many third-world countries with less resources and overpopulation.

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