Amazon Censors Movie Exposing Child Sex Trafficking in Hollywood

Amazon Censors Movie Exposing Child Sex Trafficking in Hollywood

The Me Too movement following Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal exposed Hollywood’s decades of abusive history. But Tinseltown isn’t just a hotbed for sexual abuse of women; it also serves as a den for child sex trafficking. And a movie exposing this dark side of Hollywood was just recently banned by Amazon.

Al Bawaba reported that actor and filmmaker John Paul Rice took to YouTube to report that removed his 2018 film A Child’s Voice that was on their site for over 18 months. Rice is seen telling in the video about Amazon “unpublishing” his film A Child’s Voice without any notification. Not only that, the actor says, the movie was also removed from the search database of the site so that people searching for it will not find it in any search results. In other words, Amazon acted like they never had this movie on its site.

It is not surprising that the same Amazon that deleted one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s book would ban a movie that exposes child sex trafficking in the leftist-run Hollywood. Most popular mainstream media, social media, and tech platforms are close political allies and are affiliated financially with liberals/Democrats that are pro-abortion, pro-pedophilia, and Anti-American.

Rice’s video about Amazon censorship of his film is included below.

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