Alejandra Moya Talks about Costa Rican Market

Alejandra Moya Talks about Costa Rican Market

by Michell Spoden

I had a chat with Alejandra Moya, 46, Costa Rican, General Manager Costa Rican Market, which produces a number of nice items. Moya talks about a number of good things in his land and work environment. I also got a quote from Thairy Chacon, an employee at the company. In his words: “I am very happy working at Costa Rican Market as I am very well treated by the owners of the company. My superiors make me feel important as I am always involved in decision making. It is a very nice company in which you learn something new every day. Even though I do work hard, I have a great working environment.”Costa Rican Market

Michell: Alejandra, please share with our viewers about how you got started in your business? Are you a family owned business?

AM: I love my country! Its environment of peace, tradition and natural richness makes it a wonderful place to live. Sharing with the world the talent of Costa Rican artisans is my goal. This is why was born in the year 2001.

Michell: You have so many wonderful and interesting products on your site. Please share with us what are the top items sold on your site and why you think those items are so popular?

AM: Our top seller items are rocking chairs, wood placemats, walking sticks, hammocks & coffee. These products are traditional products from Costa Rica. They have outstanding export quality and beauty.

Michell: Please share with us who makes these products?

AM: Our products are manufactured by talented Costa Rican artisans located in the different provinces of our country. Most artisans have small workshops close to where they live

Michell: Please share with us about the atmosphere of Costa Rica when it comes to culture and ambiance.

AM: Costa Rica is sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of Central America because of its happy lifestyle, peaceful democracy and awesome natural beauty. Ticos as a whole still respect conservative values, but they’re starting to adopt several American cultural traits. Costa Ricans are still conservative when it comes to family issues. Family ties are still very strong. Traditions revolve around the family from the moment of birth to that of death.

Michell: A very important aspect to business today is Social Responsibility and you are sure doing your share. Please explain to us how your program works for “A Meal for My Country”.

AM: We believe each of our customers can give a hand to a poor family in Costa Rica and make a difference in their lives. When someone makes a donation we make sure it is properly given to a family in need. The box contains the basic food supplies for a family.

Michell: Can you please share with us what Banana and Coffee Paper is and what it is used for?

AM: Banana and coffee paper are fine environmental, tree-free, acid-free, eco friendly products made from natural fibers, such as banana, coffee, pine apple, and other exotic tropical agro industrial wastes. Among our products we offer state of the art paper stationery, including banana paper notebooks, banana paper pads, banana paper envelopes, and other fine banana paper gift products. They are great for school and for the office as well.

Michell: Please share with our viewers about any future goals personal or business.

AM: Costa Rican Market is currently targeting to give full service to wedding and corporate events taking place in Costa Rica, usually at beach location sites. Our mission is to offer the most distinctive selection of Costa Rican favors for all special occasions. For each gift, we offer creative gift presentation and packaging ideas that will surely make an impression. As part of our special services, we offer laser engraving on most wood products. Also embroidery is available on Caps, Towels, and other items.

About the Interviewer

Michell Spoden is the author of Stricken Yet Crowned and is also pursuing a transitional housing project for woman with an agricultural aspect. She has a degree in Business Science Administration and is finishing her bachelor’s in Project Management.


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