Yoda’s Leap – A Piglet Escaping Slaughter in Canada

Yoda’s Leap – A Piglet Escaping Slaughter in Canada

The holocaust imposed on animals worldwide continues under the excuse of food; but once in a while, you find a lucky pigletsurvivor who attracts the attention of caring people. Such is the story of Yoda, a piglet in Canada.

Just a month old, Yoda made a story on Care2 after it jumped out of a truck taking him to a finishing facility to be fattened up for slaughter. Frightened and confused, Yoda jumped out of the truck and caught the attention of people following the truck in their vehicles. They called the police to take the piglet and give it into the care of animal control.

From there, a permanent place for Yoda was found at an animal sanctuary, north of Toronto. Now, Yoda is a friend to the people at the sanctuary and is remembered as a “little angel”.

Yoda’s story is again an attention grabber toward the cry for humanitarian nature of vegetarian. Animals are friends, not food; they have the right to live, and depraving them of this right collectively – as meat providers and consumers – is violating life. A call for humanism as seen through the eyes of the four-legged members of our community.

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