American Mismatch: The Patriots Vs The Bucs

American Mismatch: The Patriots Vs The Bucs

by Joseph Matthew Nespoli 

There are 442 billionaires in America.Dollar

There are 9 million millionaires in America

There are over 50 million Americans living in poverty.

We like to believe we live in a capitalistic democracy, but that’s a lie the rich like us to believe.

We live in a country in which the rich rule the poor. We believe we live in a meritocracy where anyone can work hard, climb the ladder, and live the American dream. Some people achieve this; however, this is no longer the norm.

In America, the rich have the power to change the rules of the game to ensure that they stay rich and that you stay poor. And now, thanks to Citizens United, the rich now have the ability to buy politicians. Our system would be akin to the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, and then, at the end of the year, allowing them to change any rules they want to ensure that they win again the following year.

The wealthy like us to believe that we live in a capitalistic democracy with a social safety net where achievements follow hard work and good decision making. This is exactly the system the NFL follows. The team that plays the best, makes the best decisions, and works the hardest will win the Super Bowl. To make sure that the lesser teams don’t sink into oblivion, there is profit sharing, and the awarding of the best college players to the worst professional teams.

It would be nice if America followed these principles. Instead, of “revenue sharing” we have a broken tax system in which the only people who contribute are the middle class. Thanks to endless rewriting of the tax code, the rich rarely pay any taxes, they receive the greatest amount of money in terms of subsidies and government contracts, and they use their money to fund the campaigns of future politicians, who then, in return, promise to legislate to change the rules of the game to help make sure that they continue to put money in their pockets.

The game is fixed, and we need to find a way to level the playing field for the middle class. Otherwise, they will always be the New England Patriots, and we will always be the Tampa Bay Bucs.

About the Author

Joseph Matthew Nespoli is the author of Broken and Daddy Versus The Suck Monster. He lives in Southern California and enjoys his life as a dad to 2 wonderful kids. Visit his website

3 thoughts on “American Mismatch: The Patriots Vs The Bucs

  1. If you want to change this system you are talking about , then don’t be a slave to it. You are feeding into the NFL every time you have to be involved with what they are doing. If ONE MILLION were to turn for ONE YEAR ? I am sure you could GAIN BACK what you were working for in the beginning.

  2. By the way, did you know that the NUMBER ONE DAY for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE calls to 911 is SUPER BOWL DAY. Do you really think that this is an association to great accomplishments ? Its a pathetic joke

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