Yemen: Saudi Arabia Kills Allies Troops, Again!

Yemen: Saudi Arabia Kills Allies Troops, Again!

Saudi Arabia continues to kill its allies in Yemen and have once targeted the “wrong” camp, killing some 30 of its allied troops.Yemen-map

That Saudi Arabia is the leading terror sponsor and active state terrorist character in international community is more than evident. However, in fighting Yemeni Houthi rebels that took over the Yemeni capital, Saudi Arabia is also proving its utter inability to fight a war. In the latest mishap – at least the third of its kind – Saudi-led coalition fighter planes bombed the wrong camp and killed 30 fighters while also leaving 40 injured.

The partner in Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemen – US and its western allies – are silent and covertly supportive of all the killings and human rights abuses happening in Yemen at the hands of Saudi-centerd coalition.

Due to its disability in fighting a war, the Saudis are welcoming other terrorists from around the world to fight their war in Yemen. The latest to join this wild gang is Sudan that sent 300 of its fighters to Yemen to join the Saudi side. But will they survive their master’s stupidity and bling bombing? We’ll see in over time.

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