Hawaii: ABC News Doctor Dead by Drowning on Vacation

Hawaii: ABC News Doctor Dead by Drowning on Vacation

Doctor and ABC news journalist Jamie Zimmerman, 31, died by drowning on beach in Hawaii on Monday.Jamie Zimmerman

According to USA Today, Zimmerman’s mom posted on Facebook that her daughter drowned by slipping into a river and being carried into the sea while she on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. Lifeguards rushed to save the young woman and found her body floating in water but were unable to resuscitate her.

A Hot News video on YouTube shows clips of Zimmerman’s life on cam with her adventures and contributions. These included a close encounter with a lion once. On Facebook, Zimmerman had updated her profile pic (right) shortly before suffering the fatal accident. She is seen smiling with the Hawaiian coast in the background.

The tragic death of Zimmerman does come with the reminder to be careful when out in the nature and enjoying its beauty and sublimity. To live means to live to the fullest, but also watching your step.

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