CDC Whistleblower Reportdly Provided Immunity from Prosecution

CDC Whistleblower Reportdly Provided Immunity from Prosecution

The Daily Caller reported an important update on William Thompson, the CDC researcher who exposed the CDC’s fraud of omitting important data linking the measles (MMR) vaccine to autism risk in children. The story says that the federal government has granted Thompson immunity from prosecution, allowing him to testify before the congress.Filling vaccine to syringe

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport’s blog published an article on this update about Thompson. Rappoport wrote that since his statement in August last year admitting that he omitted data showing vaccine-autism link in favor of MMR vaccine, Thompson has been silent and refused to speak to media.

Rappoport’s blog stresses the need for a detailed congressional hearing to get to the core of the issue and find who in CDC and by what means committed the fraud of significant data omission. This suggestion is indeed a great start to truth-finding. But how much hope can we hold from Thompson’s whistleblowing?

As his August statement tells, soon after his act of whistle blowing, that he has been given a “performance-based award” after his story came out and that he is “focused on his job and family” so he won’t be answering any questions. This is more than enough for any critical thinker to guess what has been going on behind the scenes.

The two proven strategies of controlling one’s employees are either buy them—promotions, awards, and perks—or scare them—blacklisting, license cancellation, using media to destroy credibility etc. So even if there is congressional hearing, can we expect William Thompson to stand his grounds and share all the information on how he was made to manipulate data? This in addition to the information that the Dr. Julie Gerberding, co-author of Thompson’s study, after leaving CDC went straight into the President’s chair at Merck. And just recently, a special position in the company was created for her after she was out of the President’s chair.

As the mainstream media has been sold out to the vaccine industry and is pushing with all its rhetorical might the need for mandatory vaccination, Natural News informs that well-known vaccine-manufacturer Merck has threatened whistleblower Stephen A Krahling with jail time as well as tried to bribe him with financial benefits to keep him from opening his mouth.

There was a time when we needed to save science from religion and tradition. But the quackery of the vaccination business and other officially-sponsored frauds exposed over the years by investigative journalism imply that today we need to save science from SCIENCE.


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