Yemen: Dozens of Civilians Killed by Saudi Arabian Bombing of Cities

Yemen: Dozens of Civilians Killed by Saudi Arabian Bombing of Cities

Reckless bombing of civilians by Saudi Arabian-led attackers of Yemen has again made disturbing news—this time the victims being people in Taiz and Hudaydah, two of the country’s largest cities.Yemen map with flag inside

Sources are reporting the death of 18 civilians as a result of Saudi air strikes that hit several homes in Taiz city. A child and seven women are reported to be among the victims of these attacks.

Separately, BBC reported that Saudi air strikes also hit a prison in Hudaydah, another large city in Yemen, killing dozens of people. The resulting casualties in this report are numbered at 33 to 43. BBC added the line about the Saudi coalition that it “has been criticised for the number of civilians killed in its air strikes.”

This and similar understatements from mainstream propaganda media have been covering the catastrophic nature of damage inflicted on life and property in Yemen by the Saudi-led attackers since 2014 when Houthi rebels occupied the capital Sana and overthrew the Saudi-puppet government. Most mainstream media ignores the reports of casualties to favor Saudi Arabia, which is a key political-economic ally of the capitalist west.

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