Israel’s War in Gaza Motivated by Oil?

Israel’s War in Gaza Motivated by Oil?

Lots of important questions remain about the October 7 attack of Hamas terrorists on Israeli land: how could the Israeli intelligence fail to see it coming? Where did the Israeli military go while the attack raged for several hours? How did the media know and was there to film it all while Israeli security was nowhere? Why has Netanyahu not fired anyone for this level of failure? Why is the US not in favor of peace and ceasefire in Gaza? And so on.

But one question – perhaps the mother of all questions – isn’t asked much: who benefits from this chaos in the long run? In other words, could it be all orchestrated to some big money goal?

Russia Today did an excellent segment on the economic side of this war that raises questions about the motives of Israel’s response of a broader war on the entire Gaza instead of a targeted military operation against Hamas militants.

In his recent video, posted to BitChute on November 17, Dr. Vernon Coleman commented that Israel’s military actions in Gaza amount to genocide and it’s all motived by greed for oil and gas deposits underneath the land on which Gaza’s people live.

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