Words Matter – There Is No Meningitis Vaccine

Words Matter – There Is No Meningitis Vaccine

by Stand for Health Freedom

What do you know about the meningitis vaccine? That it’s supposed to protect people from contracting meningitis? Or maybe that it keeps you from getting meningococcal disease? What’s the difference?

How about these little nuggets of truth: Technically, there is no meningitis vaccine. And there is no way vaccines will stop meningitis.

If you find that confusing, you’re not alone. We did, too! So, we took a hard look at the “meningitis vaccine” for the most recent article in our shot story series.

Follow along and learn:

  • What does informed consent look like for vaccines and other medical treatments?
  • If vaccines don’t stop the transmission of disease, why is the medical establishment pushing them – and making more?
  • What is meningitis anyway? And how do you get it?
  • Is it even possible to eliminate meningitis completely?
  • How did the COVID narrative change the way the “experts” talk about vaccines?

Please read and share this important and eye-opening article with your family and friends. And let us know what you think.

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