The Invisible Hand of the WHO in the States

The Invisible Hand of the WHO in the States

by Stand for Health Freedom

Stand for Health Freedom took a look at state bill proposals in the 2023 and 2024 sessions using the search term “World Health Organization.” What we found was striking. Through 2023 and the first month of 2024, when most bills would be filed for the session, we found lawmakers turning to the WHO as an authority in almost 300 bills. The majority are not bills about the WHO, and many not even health-care related, but instead address anything from transportation to taxes to veterinary care to commemorative holidays to international trade agreements.  

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The great news is this: States are fighting back. At the moment, eight states have bills or resolutions on the table to curb the influence of the WHO in their state. As we get closer to the planned vote for the pandemic treaty and IHR changes in May, we’re expecting more lawmakers to jump on board.

The WHO isn’t going to march into your community to tell you to mask up, lock down, and get in line for your next shot. They simply turn up the fear factor and watch us police ourselves. Use this information to inform your advocacy and write your own rules. 

For states’ sovereignty,  

Stand for Health Freedom 

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