Netanyahu Deletes Tweet Critical of His Military Leadership

Netanyahu Deletes Tweet Critical of His Military Leadership

In a display of weak leadership, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deleted a social media post in which he took a dig at his country’s military leadership for acting out of order in the infamous terror attack of Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7.

After weeks of silence over the negligence – or intentional lapse as some suspect – of Israeli intelligence that enabled Hamas to carry out the infamous large-scale and terrifying attack on Israeli civilians earlier this month, Netanyahu suddenly spoke out on Twitter/X. On Sunday (October 29), he posted:

At no time and no stage was a warning given to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding war intentions of Hamas. On the contrary, all security officials, including the head of army intelligence and the head of the Shin Bet, estimated that Hamas was deterred and turned to the settlement.


But Netanyahu’s moment of truth didn’t last long. He received rebuke from members of his cabinet and deleted his tweet, instead of defending his position. And instead of holding his intel and military leaders responsible for their historic failure, the Israeli PM offered an apology for posting the truth. He wrote:

“Things I said … should not have been said and I apologize for that.”

Since his tyrannical COVID mandates during the so-called pandemic years, Netanyahu lost his popularity with the Israeli people and was ousted from power briefly before returning to make a coalition government with a few other political parties because his party National Liberal Movement (Likud) didn’t win enough seats in the parliament to form their government.

Aljazeera reported that Netanyahu has promised accountability of the Israeli leadership, including of himself, after the war:

Netanyahu has said that there will be time to ask tough questions, including of himself, after the war.

Since he started a military operation against Hamas in Gaza, many reports and videos of Israeli military’s reckless bombing of civilians have created an outrage against Israel, accusing the Israeli government of war crimes and asking for a peace settlement. Israel, United States, and a dozen other countries voted against a peace settlement in a United Nations vote.

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