Why Would Hillary Clinton Borrow a Book on Safe Deletion of Emails?

Why Would Hillary Clinton Borrow a Book on Safe Deletion of Emails?

How interesting is this news! Hillary Clinton read a book on how to safely send emails. One chapter of the book she consulted instructs “how to delete emails that stay deleted”.clinton-emails

News tell us that her own emails – which didn’t stay all deleted after all – tells about her borrowing the book SEND: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better. The 2010 book by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe apparently failed to help Mrs. Clinton in the long run. She didn’t do it better, not good enough not to be caught and now she is in the news daily for the reason she didn’t want to be in media.

What’s really odd about this latest revelation? That she read a book about deleting emails isn’t a surprise to me – she apparently meant to do something and she decided to prepare herself for it by getting information, and that in my view is always the better choice: information before action. The thing that I can’t wrap my head around is that she borrowed the book.

I know poor students, who can’t afford to buy books, borrow books for school or just reading for fun or information. But why would Mrs. Clinton borrow a book that costs hardly $14 on Amazon. Actually, the kindle version costs less and a used hardcover copy can be bought for as low as $.01 (at this stage when I am looking at that page – price may increase now as the revelation about Clinton may make the book famous overnight).

Could Mrs. Clinton not afford to spend a single cent on a book (and its shipping costs – which won’t be more than a few bucks I am sure), or did she think borrowing was somehow better than buying? Given her financial status and the hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations to her and Bill’s foundation, it won’t make sense to assume she couldn’t afford to buy the book.

If I were to ask a question of her during her Presidential debate, it would be the question of borrow-versus-purchase choice for that book.

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