Was Polio Eradicated?

Was Polio Eradicated?

by Stand for Health Freedom

Do you know people who say vaccines eradicated polio? Is that true? Is it possible?

When people contemplate the necessity of vaccines, polio is usually the one they point to. They tell a story of a terrifying time when young children would be thriving one day, and paralyzed the next. Polio did not discriminate, and it didn’t follow the rules: it struck the young more than the old, it surged in warm weather instead of cold, and didn’t care about your zip code. Polio didn’t follow the typical rules for sickness people knew. No one felt safe from the disease.

Some of the highlights of what you’ll learn:

  • How the rush to create a vaccine led to injury for tens of thousands of Americans, mostly children.
  • CDC’s statement on the cancer-causing virus found in the polio shots for the first years of its use (and the federal scientist who was silenced about it).
  • How the way polio was diagnosed changed once the vaccine was available.
  • How an “unvaccinated” man spurred the CDC to consider a vaccine against vaccine-strain polio.

You’ll be hearing much more about polio in the months to come. It was reported at ACIP’s February meeting that a vote to recommend adult polio vaccination is anticipated in June 2023. Now is the best time to arm yourself with information so you can make the best choices for your family.

Help shine a light on polio along with us. Read the detailed article HERE.

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