Pentagon Leaks Confirm NATO Forces Fighting in Ukraine

Pentagon Leaks Confirm NATO Forces Fighting in Ukraine

The Pentagon leaks about Russia-Ukraine conflict have been in news for the past few weeks now and have become a big embarrassment for the American military and political establishment. In the latest one, NATO’s military personnel fighting in Ukraine has been confirmed.

BBC, which is a left-leaning British mainstream channel, couldn’t deny the damaging information in the leaks as it reported on one of the leaked documents that exposes the big lie of US and other NATO members – that they have no forces on ground in Ukraine fighting Russia. The story wrote:

The UK is among a number of countries with military special forces operating inside Ukraine, according to one of dozens of documents leaked online.

In addition to UK and US, NATO member states Latvia, France, and the Netherlands, all have one or more of their special forces fighting Russia in Ukraine.

The Gateway Pundit reported that UK has gone into denial about the Pentagon leaks and questioned the accuracy of information in the leaks.

Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was lost and struggled to make up an answer when questioned on the latest leak exposing his administration’s lies. The Daily Caller reported the story and cited Austin along with the video of his reply: “Again, we will continue to investigate and try to determine the full scope of the activity.”

Exposed for its lies on NATO’s role in the Russia-Ukraine war, the American establishment is now trying to hunt down the person(s) who leaked the secret documents.

The Pentagon leaks come on top of Nord Stream 2 sabotage of which United States is the prime suspect and is seen an act of international terrorism. They confirm what critics of US/NATO have speculated since day one of Russia-Ukraine conflict – that the Ukrainian side is a proxy of NATO and their actual war plans and decisions are made in Pentagon.

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