Vaccine Advertisements Masked as Health Journalism

Vaccine Advertisements Masked as Health Journalism

While the made-up disease called COVID 19 has been used to run a fake pandemic since last year, the arrival of the COVID vaccines has given the struggling writers a golden opportunity to get some exposure. Throngs of them are writing vaccine-promoting stories to get featured in news outlets that serve the pharmaceutical mafia.

The recent story by Lauren Krouse featured on leftist propaganda platform Yahoo News is a textbook example of vaccine marketing masked as health journalism. The title “I’m 28, and the COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Hit Me Like a Bus” exemplifies this kind of health journalism. Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing” pretty much gives it away. But reading the story let you see how dull and ignorant the writer of this vaccine-promotional piece sounds as she preaches vaccination.

Krouse wrote that she suffered serious side effects of fatigue and nausea after the first dose and headache after the second, but she says she didn’t become ill.

As the day went on, I felt really fatigued and experienced a few waves of nausea but never became physically ill. Most of my day was spent in bed.

Sounds familiar? That is what many so-called COVID 19 patients experience. Just mild symptoms and then back to normal life; in many cases, no symptoms at all. Headache is also one of the symptoms. Now we don’t have any way to verify whether or not Krouse is reporting all the effects – or what I call symptoms of COVID – after her shots as she experienced them. She says her friends got serious effects from the 2nd dose of COVID vaccine but she didn’t. And there is no way to verify that claim either.

Where we know she starts lying is when she says, “Vaccine side effects are a sign that your body is mounting a defense against the virus.” This is not an original lie as she merely echoes what the corrupt and discredited entities like CDC have been telling everyone: if you get sick after the vaccine, it doesn’t mean you got sick; it simply means the vaccine is working.

As common to the stories of all these self-proclaimed health journalists, they cite a pro-vaccine doctor’s lies about the vaccine efficacy, Krouse cites someone called Dr. Janowski.

But since this is only a piece of the virus, you cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine, explains Dr. Janowski.

A piece? How much of a piece and where is the verification that it is a virus? No explanation and no details, nor any studies cited here. The doctors and journalists then repeat the lies of the CDC and related medical cartels that getting sick is simply the manifestation of the vaccine’s success, and that the vaccine is going to prevent you from getting the disease, but please don’t count on it since nothing is perfect. An enjoyable show of mock science and journalism played on the stage called health.

Then comes the climax of the vaccine advertorial by Krouse.

In the future, be on the lookout for potential booster shots to maintain protection from new strains of the virus.

Uh oh! Despite the assurance that you are safe after getting sick from the vaccine, please don’t count on it too because there are going to be different strains for this virus and you will need more vaccines for them. The familiar BS we hear from quacks.

Now what we really need is going cold turkey on fake news and fake science. Make your own blacklist of sources and writers who try to sell you the vaccine by echoing the lies of the same criminals who are now holding you hostage and taking away your freedom – literally ordering you to take their shot or else face mask enslavement and loss of those civil rights that you have enjoyed all your life for being a citizen of the free world. Block them on social media, caution your contacts against these liars, and instead of wasting your time on fake health journalism, save it for better things to do.

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