Protest Rally in DC against Israel’s Brutal Killings of Civilians in Gaza

Protest Rally in DC against Israel’s Brutal Killings of Civilians in Gaza

Right in front of the White House in Washington DC, a big protest starts today at 1:pm (Eastern Time) to demand ceasefire in Gaza and an end to Israel’s reckless bombing of civilians that has killed tens of thousands of children, women, elders, and non-military men in the blockaded region.

The rally of protest will be aired live on TikTok and can be followed through Erik Warsaw.

@erikwarsaw.2024 March On Washington DC, January 13th 2024 #marchonwashington #washingtondcprotest #erikwarsaw ♬ RADIOACTIVE B段 – Imagine Dragons

Supporters of peace and critics of Israel’s brutal war on Palestinian people have also launched a petition to demand that Paris Olympics 2024 be boycotted for letting Israel compete in the event. The petition titled Boycott Paris 2024 Olympics Due to France’s Complicity in Palestinian Genocide is online at It calls out Israel for engaging in Palestinian Genocide. Coach Hemim, who launched the petition, wrote:

I am deeply affected by the ongoing genocide against Palestinians, a crisis that has been exacerbated by the support of countries like France. As someone who values human rights and justice, I find it distressing that France, a nation known for its commitment to liberty and equality, is implicated in this tragedy.

Advocates of peace and ceasefire in Gaza also launched a GoFundMe page for the rally in DC.

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