Vaccinated Child in Pakistan’s Tribal Area Struck by Polio

Vaccinated Child in Pakistan’s Tribal Area Struck by Polio

As more vaccinated children in Pakistan are developing polio, media in the country has suddenly cut on the force with which they used to report every new polio case in the country.POLIO VACCINE

The latest child reportedly confirmed as a polio victim is reported by Dawn as a girl in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The 18-month-old girl had received 3 doses of the polio vaccine, says the paper, but tested positive for polio on September 26.

The most notable observation about this latest reported case of polio is that of all the dozens of papers and websites that looked for every new polio case as a headline, only Dawn has reported the story. The significance? Since the vaccine industry’s narrative fed to the masses via for-sale media now requires a success story to justify the hundreds of millions of dollars wrested from people and organizations, the media is likely to cut back on these polio stories, especially when vaccinated children are getting polio one after the other.

Important to remember is also is the fact that all the confirmations and vaccination status information comes from the authorities in Pakistan that works with the WHO and cater to its needs of information sharing and withholding. There is no independent testing of these patients and no objective reporting on the actual numbers and reality of these cases.

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