Vaccinated Blood Samples Show Abnormal Red Blood Cells

Vaccinated Blood Samples Show Abnormal Red Blood Cells

Blood samples of people vaccinated with the COVID 19 shots show alarming abnormalities in red blood cells, reports have surfaced while corporate media observed a blackout on the story.

Independent journalist Stew Peters interviewed health investigator Dr. Jane Ruby on his show about analysis of blood samples of vaccinated patients in Britain, whose doctor studied their blood under a microscope. His findings, as reported in Europe Reloaded last month, are nothing less than shocking. Dr. Ruby shared the images obtained from the doctor, showing red blood cell abnormalities in blood samples of patients who got the Moderna vaccine for COVID 19.

Unlike healthy round red blood cells of normal people, the red blood cells in the blood samples of Moderna vaccinated patients appear tubular and diseased, many of them clumped together, as seen under a microscope.

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The story says that Dr. Ruby likens this red blood cell distortion to the ‘folded over’ graphene oxide structures.

There is also, she says, corroborating evidence of the graphene oxide hypothesis, which seems to be picking up steam.

It was reported last month that Spanish researchers discovered Graphene Oxide in Pfizer Vaccine, although mainstream media largely ignored the story and a few sources denied the reports were credible without backing up their claim with scientific evidence.

Dr. Ruby opined that the blood cell abnormality observed in these samples look poisoned and would explain the incidence of blood clots widely reported among COVID vaccinated people, and also to the dangerous health effects reported particularly among those who get the Pfizer and Moderna shots. It is relevant to mention here that abnormal cell shape also leads to abnormal cell function, as basic biology goes.

The BitChute video of Dr. Ruby’s interview with Stew Peters, included below, has been vied over 85 thousand times since it was posted on July 18, 2021. The mainstream media has conveniently ignored this important story – and no surprises there.

One thought on “Vaccinated Blood Samples Show Abnormal Red Blood Cells

  1. Stew…Blood-work is not a big deal to see what the Jabs are doing. Just about any half-decent high-school microscope will do the job. Every diabetic checks their blood -sugar level daily -with a drop of blood from a jab with a lancet-you can buy a 100 for less than $10.00. Buy a box of slides and cover plates-again $10.00 or so. Now you’re set:
    Set up the microscope. Wash a finger, grit your teeth and jab the lancet into the finger full depth (less than 1/8″…it’s a pin-prick.) Squeeze the finger until there’s a drop of blood about 1/8″ diameter. Touch the center of a clean slide onto the drop several times to get some coverage. Holding the cover plate by the edges drop it on top of the drop and you will see it spread out. Put the slide under the microscope, turn on the light and explore. When fresh you can see the round red blood cells (RBC) cruising around bouncing off each other as they have a slight negative charge. When you see them doing a conga -line dance you’re looking at a problem. Anything you see that is angular or straight was introduced into your system by force. Now…if your microscope has removable eyepieces you can pull one out and insert a digital camera and take pictures of what you see and share them. Dr Jane…how can we set up a place where pics can be analysed (eventually) for GO as this graphene oxide trans-humanist big-money-Mammon agenda is dragged kicking and screaming into the lights of love and decency???
    No I am not a doctor. When the current mess started in the fall of 2019 I realized I was in the bulls-eye of this extermination. Knowing the essentiality of oxygen I laid in another large O2 cylinder from my shop behind a dresser and fitted a valve and mask at the head of my bed. After being asked by our emergency co-ordinator I built a breathing-assist machine (adjustable breathing rate and volume). Then I realized that there was a rat somewhere and started searching (turned out to possibly be a bat). In those days the research from Wuhan was readily available to study (The Bat Lady et al).
    Keep the lungs working…God, the devil and the undertaker will let you play until they don’t…

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