UNPO Condemns Killings of Civilians by Pakistan’s Military in Balochistan

UNPO Condemns Killings of Civilians by Pakistan’s Military in Balochistan

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) has condemned the reported killing of around 100 civilians in the latest attacks launched by Pakistan’s military in Balochistan.balochistan

On their website, UNPO expressed “deepest regret, sympathy, and condemnation” over what it terms the “murder” of over 100 civilians in Awaran district of Balochistan – th eregion that is generally considered the fourth province of Pakistan but where separatist groups are fighting a war of independence against Pakistan’s military.

While condemning the killings, the organization also expressed feelings of shock and disappointment over congratulations and cheers offered to Pakistan’s security forces on social media:

Shockingly, despite the expression of outrage by many at the killings, another hashtag has started trending on social media: ‘#AwaranTerrorPlanAverted’, under which some Twitter users are congratulating the security forces who perpetuated the attack…”

While sources like Baloch Warna report that Pakistan’s military engaged in “indiscriminately bombing civilian populations”, mainstream media in Pakistan seem to have completely different reporting. The popular English daily Express Tribune quoted only Pakistan’s official/military sources on the incident who claimed that nine “alleged militants” were killed in the military operation in Awaran. There is no mention in their account of any civilians killed nor any unofficial/neutral sources cited in the story.

What to believe in such stories where you have two radically different sides reporting from war zone, one official, the other a supporter of the rebellion/freedom movement? That is the question of the day and has been all along. What is clear though is that trusting only one source will be akin to slaughtering reason.

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