UMass Memorial Health Center Denies Unvaccinated Patient Kidney Transplant

UMass Memorial Health Center Denies Unvaccinated Patient Kidney Transplant

Here is a textbook example of what would be called medical blackmail—the UMass Memorial Health Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, refusing to perform life-saving kidney transplant on a patient who refuses to get vaccinated for COVID.

Life Site News reported on Friday (July 16, 2021) that the UMass Memorial Health Center has denied 37-year-old Bernard LaPierre kidney transplant unless he gets vaccinated for multiple diseases, including COVID 19, before the surgery. The story cites LaPierre’s wife and donor Meagan telling that she passed all medical tests required for kidney donation and they were all set to go ahead with the transplant when the hospital suddenly told them toward the end of June that LaPierre would need to take multiple vaccines for hepatitis and pneumonia.

On July 7, another “progress note” written by infectious diseases specialist Mary Dawn T. Co said that Bernard would also be required to take coronavirus shots.

This uncalled-for demand made suddenly by the hospital struck a blow to the life-saving surgery plan of the father of three and his wife and kidney donor. Seeing the reluctance of the patient against vaccination, the UMass Memorial Health Center employed scaremongering to influence him into taking the vaccines saying not taking them could lead to post-transplant infection and possibly failure of the transplant. When the patient refused and told them he was willing to accept the alleged risk involved, the hospital refused to proceed with the transplant unless he agreed to take the shots.

UMass Memorial Health Center is clearly engaging in medical blackmail of a patient who needs a life-saving surgery and is being forced to take vaccines by the pharma-aligned network of medical mal-practitioners who place corporate service above the life and safety of patients. They are pushing the COVID vaccines on an eligible transplant patient even when published research has shown the shots are not effective in organ transplant cases. Such medical blackmail should be categorically rejected and those engaging in it boycotted.

As Life Site News reports, LaPierre and his family are looking at transplant options elsewhere and have found a couple good ones that do not require vaccination. Thanks to his courage, LaPierre has not surrendered his right to refuse vaccination and through his case also has exposed a facility actively involved in medical blackmail.

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