Turkish Man Dies of MERS upon Return from Saudi Arabia

Turkish Man Dies of MERS upon Return from Saudi Arabia

While the health authorities, administrations, and “experts” continue to misinform people and get caught lying about Ebola, MERS infection continues to spread out of Saudi Arabia around the world.MERS Virus

In the latest reported incident of a MERS fatality, a Turkish man fell a prey to the disease which he developed symptoms of after he returned from Saudi Arabia, reported Sunday’s Zaman. The story informs that the Turkish man who worked in Saudi Arabia died of MERS in a week of his arrival in Turkey.

So what’s alarming about the death of this Turkish man? First, that MERS has been out of news now, as Ebola has filled the headlines, despite the recent annual pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia when millions of Muslims from all around the world gather in Mecca. How many of them contracted and carried it back is less likely to know, in my personal opinion, because of the mainstream media’s dishonesty in reporting. But what’s obviously alarming, and has been pointed to in the story of the Turkish worker’s death, is that the health officials have asked all those who were on plane with him to see their doctors.

An  interesting note of irony to mention here: Saudi Arabia was the first country to require proof of vaccination for polio from Pakistani nationals who wanted to visit the kingdom though the claim that polio is “highly contagious” has never been proven and the very nature of it being contagious at all remains disputed. Still no country seems to have imposed travel restrictions on Saudi-based people. It’s all a very oily affair, to say.




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