Turkey Set to Strengthen Country’s Infamous Internet Censorship Law

Turkey Set to Strengthen Country’s Infamous Internet Censorship Law

Reputed international organization for human rights Access is concerned over the proposed strengthening of Internet censorship in Turkey.Internet Censorship

In an email notification to subscribers, Global Advocacy Manager for Access Jon Fox wrote on Monday that lawmakers in Turkey are bent on aggravating the already harsh Internet censorship policy of the government by voting on amendments to be presented before the house this week.

“This legislation is the next step in government efforts to strangle the open internet,” wrote Fox, reminding that only Turkey’s President Abdullah Gül has the authority to stop these amendments from becoming the law. Access has, for this reason, launched a page that allows supporters of open Internet to send a letter to President Gül to urge him for protecting the open Internet.

At the same time, Associated Press informs that the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists has warned that approving the proposed amendments regarding Internet freedom will worsen the already bad situation of press freedom in Turkey. The Government of Turkey, as the story tells, continues to deny that the law defines Internet censorship; it looks at the internet law as privacy protection.

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