Tucker Putin Interview Frustrates Globalists

Tucker Putin Interview Frustrates Globalists

Over the weekend, Tucker Carlson’s much-awaited interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin was aired on Twitter and as expected, it got a great deal of attention. The legacy media was left frustrated and angry that Carlson would interview President Putin, and so were the globalist political figures in the West.

The nearly 2-hour interview video was posted to Tucker Carlson’s Twitter page on Friday, February 9. To date it has received about 190 million hits and over 70 thousand comments.

Much of the interview was focused on the current Russia-Ukraine conflict and President Putin went into great details of the history of Russia and Ukraine. What emerged during the interview was Putin’s in-depth knowledge of history, sharpness of memory, and great conversational skills. He told Carlson that the west is more afraid of a strong China than Russia because China is a much bigger nation and its potential is enormous, especially in economics.

The Russian president also revealed that he once asked Bill Clinton whether he would be open to letting Russia join NATO. Many other interesting and important details emerged during the interview.

While the anxiety of the globalists and deep state operatives in the west had started building before the release of Carlson’s interview with the Russian president, the release of the interview had a more chilling effect on most of the legacy media and globalist leadership.

Here’s the video of the Carlson’s interview with President Putin on Tucker’s Twitter page.

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