The Employee Rights Everyone Should Fight to Protect

The Employee Rights Everyone Should Fight to Protect

by Daniel Bell

Businesses are a hugely important part of society. They employ communities and contribute to the wealth and prosperity of the nation. We would like to believe that most employers take their responsibility to their people seriously. But there are some who aren’t as gracious in command as others. Here, we’ll look at your rights as an employee so you can identify when they’re not being protected.

Your Right to Safetyemployee-rights

There are dangers to one’s health and safety regardless of what the business is. Those dangers include fire risks, electrical risks and slips and trips. But those obvious few aren’t the only ones. Repetitive strain injury, back pain and migraines are on the rise. A lot of that is due to poor working conditions, like cheap chairs in offices or insufficient lighting. If you’re concerned about how the workplace affects your health, you should talk to your employer about it.

Wrongful Termination or Hiring Practices

The hiring and termination practices of a business have to be as fair as their day-to-day. If you believe that you’ve ever been terminated in a way that breaks your contract, the company policy or public policy, you might be able to fight it. You might be able to win damages as well. If you’re convinced you were wrongfully terminated, you should consider how advisors like might be able to help you. Similarly, you should consider legal advice if you think discrimination had any part to play in the matter.

Fair Pay for Fair Work

Discrimination still exists in the workplace, most people are aware of that. For instance, there might be some employers less willing to pay women the same amount as they pay men. However, that isn’t something you should be willing to accept. Equal pay and gender equality laws are there to ensure everyone gets fair pay for the work they do.

Your Right to Leave

If you’re a long-term employee, you have a right to take unpaid leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act entitles everyone to twelve weeks of leave in a twelve-month period if you or someone in the family have a serious health condition. Who is constituted as your immediate family can differ from state-to-state, as stated by It pays to brush up on how your state views the act.


A lot of people may choose to refrain from legal action due to fear of repercussion. It’s understandable. However, if you’re seeking legal action on poor company policy, discrimination, harassment or other employer failings, you are protected. If you are terminated or treated poorly at work as a consequence of whistleblowing, you may be liable to receive damages. There are different guidelines for whistleblowing for lots of different industries, private and public. Make sure you’re following the guidelines that are right for you. Otherwise, you might not be afforded all the protections you need.

As important is it is to stand up for the rights of businesses, the rights of the employee have to be protected, too. It’s not enough to just protect yourself. You should be willing to stand up for any employee whose rights are being tread upon.

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