Hiring an Atlanta Attorney for Workers’ Compensation

Hiring an Atlanta Attorney for Workers’ Compensation

by Luka Young

As an employee, injuries at work are unexpected and can turn your world upside down. One minute, you are doing everything efficiently. The next, you might be a victim of a vehicle accident while you are in the middle of a delivery or a brick might fall on your head while doing construction work.

For some people, their work is their life. They cannot afford to get sick much more get injured. Getting an injury could mean being incapacitated, or mounting bills for medications, being put on a no work no pay basis, or it could mean battling with insurance companies and fighting for employee rights. If this was you, what would you do?

Fret not, you are not alone in these problems. Many workers in Atlanta face the same situation and some are at a loss of what they should do. Fortunately, employees have the so-called workers’ compensation benefits that can help them with the extra expenses while they are recuperating. For more information about workers’ compensation, click this link here.

When to Hire a Lawyer

There are employees who are lucky enough to suffer minor scratches while working for a great and supportive company. With these kinds of companies, you won’t need the help of third-parties to settle any claims.

However, there are times where employers deny employee claims. The presence of an attorney can make a huge difference between the proverbial peanuts and a fair settlement.

The following are the questions that you might be asked when you are talking to a lawyer: Did you get injured on the job? Do you get the workers’ compensation that you deserve? Do you know your benefits? Are you able to support your family and pay your medical bills at the same time? Were you out of the office when the accident happened?

Many employers do not want to take responsibility for the injury saying that it’s always the worker’s fault. This can be tricky for some people and the disagreement may go on for months or even years. There is also a little chance when companies will let a particular worker take his daily responsibilities after the accident happened. A solo claim may not even be noticed by employers. However, things change when an attorney enters the picture.

When you are making a claim and what your employer is saying doesn’t make sense, trust your gut instincts. You may feel unsure about the agreement that you have signed up. You may not know your full rights as an employee and your employer will least likely discuss the grounds of the company’s workers’ compensation.

Consider the Following Factors when Hiring an Attorney:

-If you are on leave for a long period of time and you don’t get your daily wage due to the injury

-Any pre-existing medical conditions that your employer might point out to you

-When your medical benefits are being denied

-When there is a disagreement or misunderstanding on your injury’s severity or if your injury is even work-related.

-If there are outstanding conflicts and arguments on your company

Get an Attorney who Handles Worker’s Compensation Exclusively

When you want your claim to be successful, you would want to hire someone who is doing workers’ claims day and night. If you have a skin problem, you don’t just go to any doctor available. You go to a dermatologist who can cure any skin diseases you might have because he has extensive knowledge about it. This is why you need a specialist who knows what they are doing. Most importantly, you want someone who has an extensive knowledge about the laws in your state.

When it comes to your insurance company, keep in mind that your insurance company does not have your best interest at heart. Making claims may be more difficult that you can imagine. What’s more, they will give you your claims. However, they will do it as cheaply and as speedily as possible.

Some employees who are injured tend to call their medical insurance company first. These companies will strongly advise you not to call any attorneys regarding your claims. This is fine if you are working for a tried and trusted insurance company. But if they want you to feel that you are in good hands and you will just be given a small percentage of what you deserve, then that’s another story. You need to get your compensation in FULL.

The Goal of Worker Compensation Attorneys


The main goal that many workers want to achieve in hiring attorneys is to obtain their benefits in full and mitigate the defendant’s liability. They will be able to perform legal research, drafts motions, pleadings, briefs, and other legal documents. There is a lot that you need to look for if you want to get the right attorneys. You have to look for skills, knowledge, and experience and you can find it by looking at the right website.

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Luka, is a part-time professor. When he is not teaching he spends him time working on his first novel. He lives in Oregon together with his wife and 2 kids.

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