Tell FDA What You Think about RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Moms

Tell FDA What You Think about RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Moms

by Stand for Health Freedom

Most children who contract Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) have mild cases that readily confer natural immunity, but the race for a vaccine has been on for decades. Why has it taken so long? And what is there to gain? To date, no one has been able to create a shot that doesn’t make the virus worse, even causing death in some trials. And without a vaccine for a common childhood illness, the market is wide open.

The FDA is considering a RSV vaccine for pregnant women and babies on May 18, 2023. Just a few days ago, the FDA approved the first ever RSV vaccine for older adults, but the FDA’s advisory committee wanted more data before recommending it for licensing.

What will their recommendation be for our tiniest and most vulnerable humans on the 18th? You can stand up for pregnant women and babies – and ultimately for us all – by putting your thoughts on the public record that will be delivered to the advisory committee before their meeting on May 18, 2023.

Tell the committee members no more vaccines for young, developing immune systems! When you’re done, share this campaign with family and friends to protect the next generation.

In solidarity,

Stand for Health Freedom

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