Tennessee Man Forced to Separate from Wife by Healthcare Rules

Tennessee Man Forced to Separate from Wife by Healthcare Rules

Larry Drain is a Tennessee resident whose life has been thrown off by the healthcare rules of his state as he is required to stay separate from his wife who has a life-threatening condition of epilepsy. Drain tells his story on a Care2 petition page he has started to help get people stand by him.Larry Drain and Linda

The Care2 story tells that Drain had to start living separately from his wife of 33 years as required by social security in order for the lady to stay covered for her life-saving medication.

“We don’t earn enough to take advantage of federal insurance subsidies, and we earn too much to qualify for TennCare, even though we live at the poverty level,” the story quotes Drain, who is petitioning the Governor of Tennessee for permission to stay with his wife Linda.

“There are countless other stories just like ours throughout the state,” writes Drain.

There used to be times when common sense ruled that laws were made for men, to protect them and help them live safely and peacefully. But in our times, even healthcare laws seem to be blind to people’s health and lives. Larry Drain’s story is an example of the tyranny of laws for laws sake with no compassion or care for people.

Drain’s petition is very close to achieving its goal of 41K signatures. Please sign the petition to help Larry Drain and his wife.

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