Saving the Last Wild Horse on Abaco Island

Saving the Last Wild Horse on Abaco Island

Want to see the living story of reckless human expansion at the cost of wildlife? Read it in the eyes of Nunki – the only wild horse left on Abaco Island in the Bahamas.Nunki

How it feels for this equine girl to be left alone while her race fell a victim to natural disasters and above all the corporate interests of mankind, only Nunki could tell. But her solitary existence of her kind alone is a marker of the blindness with which human greed and apathy have taken over the wild.

Will Nunki’s race go extinct?

Arkwild, Inc. is raising funds to save this last wild horse Abaco Island.

“That plan involves bringing in reproductive specialists to harvest and preserve eggs from Nunki, so that they can be used to perpetuate the Abaco Spanish Colonial horse more quickly,” writes the description of the fundraiser page set up by Arkwild on


To prevent the extinction of his most rare of horse breeds, you may donate online at this fundraising page.

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