Saudi-West Alliance Threatens Yemeni Civilians with Blockade of Aid

Saudi-West Alliance Threatens Yemeni Civilians with Blockade of Aid

For decades, the blockade of Gaza by Israeli military has led Muslims around the world to raise voices of protest against Israel. Now, Saudi Arabia is repeating the same story to its advantage but putting hundreds of thousands of innocent Yemenis at serious risk. Are Muslims aware? Will they stand up to Saudi Arabia over creating the humanitarian disaster?Saudi Arabia

The recent story published in The Guardian presents a dark picture of Saudi-led coalition against Yemen’s Houthi rebels that seized control of the country. Saudi-Arabia, being an anti-Shia extremist nation, invaded Yemen and was backed by its long-time allies in the west – The United States, United Kingdom and their lapdogs. While killing of innocent civilians by Saudi bombing have been reported already in media, the blockade puts majority of Yemeni population at risk of starvation and unavailability of medical aid.

The interesting fact is that despite backing Saudi raids, instead of taking measures to stop Saudi atrocities against Yemeni civilians, the west is pretending to keep its “humanitarian” side by reportedly entreating Saudi Arabia to soften its naval blockade.

If Saudi Arabia had any integrity or courage to face an “enemy”, one would expect it to go against its foe on its own. But it kept begging its financial lapdogs to come and fight for it. And those badass Houthis are still standing this massive aggression. However, civilians are not fighters; they get scared, sick, and they need shelter to stay alive. By stopping aid, Saudi Arabia is proving its cowardice.

And of course, by remaining silent over Saudi-West aggression against Yemen, the Muslims as well as those so-called “United Nations” dummies are speaking volumes about their morals.

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