Endangered Wolf Hunted Down in Colorado

Endangered Wolf Hunted Down in Colorado

If you kill a human, mistaking it for something, you will likely end in jail, although people are not endangered. However, killing endangered gray wolves continues under the excuse of being mistaken for coyotes or similar animals.appeal_wolf

In another case of gray wolf taken for a coyote and shot dead by a “legal hunter”, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirmed that the killed animal was a gray wolf as they tested the DNA of the dead animal in Oregon. The wolf was shot in Colorado.

The excuse of killing wolves or other wild animals on the grounds that they are a threat to people’s property conveniently ignores the embarrassing fact that people themselves are the biggest threat to other people’s lives and property. Yet, it’s illegal to hunt people. Then why animals? Because they don’t have social security or can’t sue or come after killers with guns, and all the “civilized” crap you are already tired of hearing.

So much for hunting!

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