Russia: New Law Marks Foreign-Funded Media as ‘Foreign Agents’

Russia: New Law Marks Foreign-Funded Media as ‘Foreign Agents’

Russia is set to ban the distribution of foreign print media in the country.

The Moscow Times reports that Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor will be watching and reporting abuse of media freedom by foreign media in the country.

The story says that President Putin signed a new law on Saturday that allows prosecutors to mark foreign-funded media as “foreign agents” in the country.

Russia Today, in one of its latest stories, has called the US and the European Union’s condemnation of this new Russian law “farcical hypocrisy”. The article story adds that the Russian moves comes as a “symmetrical response” to a similar move taken in US earlier this month that labels Russia Today as a foreign agent.

Media neutrality and reliability is a constant concern on every level and in every region of the world as corporate media have been repeatedly exposed fabricating stories and creating fake news in addition to biased, partisan reporting and commentary everywhere.

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