Toxic Chemical Chlormequat Affecting Fertility Found in 80% of Americans

Toxic Chemical Chlormequat Affecting Fertility Found in 80% of Americans

The chemical industry has polluted the environment to an alarming degree and a recent study has shown it yet again. The toxic chemical in question is called Chlormequat but the one allowing it is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is supposed to protect the environment, ironically.

Since 2018, the EPA has allowed the use of this toxic plant growth regulator in treatment of certain foods. In April 2023, the EPA decided to allow the use of Chlormequat on crops like oats, wheat, and barley that are used to make hundreds of food products. Food Safety News reported that the EPA decision earned them strong rebuke from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EPA even raised the permissible amount of Chlormequat in foods – moving the goal posts to let more business from the food industry. But at the expense of what?

A recent, the first of its kind, study has revealed that Chlormequat, which in experiments on animals and observation of farmers has been shown to cause infertility and reproductive problems, has been detected in about 80% of Americans. Urine sample analysis revealed that Chlormequat presence in the samples notably increased in 2023.

Roman Balmakov of The Epoch Times summarized the study for the viewers on his show “Facts Matter”. The video of the show is posted here.

As for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they don’t care, as always.

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