Rapid Fire with Mark Taft

Rapid Fire with Mark Taft

On Word Matters today we’ll chat with actor, screenwriter, and producer Mark Taft who has written the story for the in-production film The Great Goldie Rush.

1. Your worst addiction

MT: Physical fitness I was always known to train for 3-5 hours every day at the gym!!!

2. Another name for perfection would be

MT: Picture perfect, crystal clear, phenomenal

3. Solo or bands that rock your soul

MT: AC/DC, Blondie, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Olivia Newton-John

4. Favorite films in these genres: horror, sci-fi, comedy, romance, fantasy

MT: The Scream movies, The Terminator, White Chicks, Seems Like Old Times, Heaven Can Wait, Xanadu

5. Classic or contemporary

MT: Contemporary

6. Your sweetest memory

MT: Finally celebrating my birthday for the first time ever in my life at 19 years old!!!!

7. One thing that drives you totally crazy

MT: Ruthless, cruel, very evil people

8. A TV show you could watch 24/7

MT: Lizzie McGuire

9. Shakespeare or Mark Twain

MT: Shakespeare

10. If you could be described in a single word, what would it be?

MT: Unique

11. Your lucky number

MT: 21

12. Complete the sentence: “On my 106th birthday, I will…

MT: be living well in a big mansion in Beverly Hills, celebrating my birthday with all of my friends, sharing memories, living the good life, and swimming in a beautiful pool with a few very beautiful ladies who are just totally crazy about me!!!

See Mark Taft telling about The Great Goldie Rush below.

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