Rapid Fire with Mark Taft

On Word Matters today we’ll chat with actor, screenwriter, and producer Mark Taft who has written the story for the in-production film The Great Goldie Rush.

1. Your worst addiction

MT: Physical fitness I was always known to train for 3-5 hours every day at the gym!!!

2. Another name for perfection would be

MT: Picture perfect, crystal clear, phenomenal

3. Solo or bands that rock your soul

MT: AC/DC, Blondie, Def Leppard, Judas Priest, Olivia Newton-John

4. Favorite films in these genres: horror, sci-fi, comedy, romance, fantasy

MT: The Scream movies, The Terminator, White Chicks, Seems Like Old Times, Heaven Can Wait, Xanadu

5. Classic or contemporary

MT: Contemporary

6. Your sweetest memory

MT: Finally celebrating my birthday for the first time ever in my life at 19 years old!!!!

7. One thing that drives you totally crazy

MT: Ruthless, cruel, very evil people

8. A TV show you could watch 24/7

MT: Lizzie McGuire

9. Shakespeare or Mark Twain

MT: Shakespeare

10. If you could be described in a single word, what would it be?

MT: Unique

11. Your lucky number

MT: 21

12. Complete the sentence: “On my 106th birthday, I will…

MT: be living well in a big mansion in Beverly Hills, celebrating my birthday with all of my friends, sharing memories, living the good life, and swimming in a beautiful pool with a few very beautiful ladies who are just totally crazy about me!!!

See Mark Taft telling about The Great Goldie Rush below.

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