Rapid Fire with Dhruv Bali

Rapid Fire with Dhruv Bali

On Word Matters! Entertainment today, we’ll do a Rapid Fire round with LA-based actor and model Dhruv Bali.

1. Acting or modeling

Dhruv Bali
Dhruv Bali

DB: Acting

2. Pink or blue

DB: Blue

3. Classic or modern

DB: Classic

4. Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell

DB: Cindy Crawford

5. One thing you will give your life for

DB: Love

6. Your ultimate strength

DB: Passion

7. What you would like to do on your 90th birthday

DB: Eat Cheesecake and Have sex

8. Rank in order of priority: wealth, fame, health, character

DB: Health- Character- Fame -wealth

9. Cat or dog –

DB: Dog

10. The person you dream about most frequently –

DB: The OSCAR statue

See more of Dhruv Bali at http://www.dhruvbaliactor.com/.


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