Russian Singer Shaman Cancelled by YouTube

Russian Singer Shaman Cancelled by YouTube

YouTube has cancelled celebrated Russian singer Yaroslav Dronov, popularly known by his showbiz name “Shaman.” The move comes as a new wave of NATO sanctions were recently announced against Russia.

NATO is losing bigly in Ukraine and as Russia advances in its ongoing mission of liberation of select territories from Ukrainian dictatorship, the west is reacting frantically to the strategic and diplomatic defeat of its proxy state. The globalist European Union has issued new sanctions on prominent Russians, Shaman being one of them.

The X (Twitter) account Maimunka News posted on Thursday, July 4, that YouTube suspended Shaman’s channel and cited the singer’s post from his Telegram channel: “My YouTube channel was blocked because I am RUSSIAN.”

The YouTube page of Shaman now appears blank with one line telling viewers: “This account has been terminated for a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.” (Screengrab included below)

Shaman has been known as a Russian patriot who expressed his pride in being Russian via his music.

On Telegram, Shaman has a following of about 170K. His Telegram channel can be found at

The west has been censoring prominent Russians since the Russia-Ukraine war started in February 2022 while enabling the corrupt Ukrainian regime, which includes a Nazi segment, with billions of dollars, weapons, trainings, and widespread war propaganda.

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