US Open 2023 – Grand Slam Tennis at Its Lowest

US Open 2023 – Grand Slam Tennis at Its Lowest

The US Open 2023 has come to be a disappointment, if not a disgrace, to the good name of international tennis on multiple levels. The only good part of the championship is a handful of great players participating in the event.

The last Grand Slam of the year, held in Queens (New York), this year’s US Open was marred by its thoughtless organization with a ceremony celebrating women’s equal pay in professional tennis – an event to which the Obamas, of all the people, were invited as guests of honor. Michelle Obama gave an irrelevant and unnecessary speech on women’s rights amidst other nonsense. All this was held on the very day of the first round of matches. World’s greatest tennis player Novak Djokovic had to wait for hours to get to play his first round match, which eventually started at around 11 in the night. The organizers could have the ceremony a day before the first round of matches, but their horrid scheduling stained the event on day one.

The championship’s leftist political agenda was not limited to highlighting the Obamas. The rabid liberal LGBTQ agenda went on full display at the event when the “husband” and two kids of USTA Vice President Brian Vahaly showed up for the coin toss before the 2nd-round match between Carlos Alcaraz vs Lloyd Harris. Rainbow flags were displayed on screens surrounding the court in an open political attack on traditional religious and family values.

The crappy organization of the Grand Slam event was evenly matched by a trashy audience that acted in a politically biased and disrespectful manner to a number of players. Most notable was the German player Laura Siegemund, who was the target of American media darling Coco Gauff’s bitchy attitude on the court. In a press talk after the match, Siegemund was brought to tears by her experience.

One of the championship’s sponsors – and wait for it – is the all-too-notorious Moderna – yes, the same criminal pseudoscience pharma company that made one of the mRNA vaccines in the manufactured pandemic of COVID-19. It created a race-baiting ad showing a black boy (playing the late tennis star Arthur Ashe) break open a tennis court’s doors, meant otherwise for only white people. The ad draws parallels with Moderna’s mRNA vaccine technology as a “game-changer”. The obtrusiveness of this ad can hardly be overstated.

And with all this shitshow of a Grand Slam in Queens, how could the presstitutes hold back? Since day one, they twisted and hid “facts” about the event and its players, depicting the politically correct players as heroes while trying to belittle those that didn’t fit the rabid leftist worldview. As the men’s finalists were decided, one op-ed published in The Telegraph and highlighted by Yahoo News literally ran the title “Novak Djokovic vs Daniil Medvedev is a US Open final of two super-villains.” A phenomenal Russian player whose country the tennis world won’t display by his name playing the Serbian great and world number one of all times who refused the COVID shots is too much for the presstitutes to digest for a leftist-run event. The victory of either will be a climactic end to this ghetto product of a so-called Grand Slam.

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