Putin Destroys Obama’s Shaky Plan to Create US-Russia Tension for Trump

Putin Destroys Obama’s Shaky Plan to Create US-Russia Tension for Trump

Continuing to prove his strength of leadership and character, President Putin of Russia has announced that Russia won’t expel American diplomats from the country in retaliation to the recent expulsion of Russian diplomats from US by President Obama.Vladimir Putin

Obama’s move to punish Russia over alleged Russian hacking, something that his admin has not proved yet, has two apparent motives: desperation to save face over the decisive defeat of the Democrats in November 2016 election and creating tension with Russia to make Trump’s presidency difficult.

But the immature and defeated-mentality of Mr. Obama proved futile before an intelligent and seasoned leader like Mr. Putin. In his message, the Russian president stated that he won’t engage in “irresponsible kitchen diplomacy” – as reported by Russia Today – and work toward restoring US-Russia ties with President Trump’s policies.

The prospect of two super powers establishing good relations – owing to President Trump and President Putin – has left the liberal leadership in panic with every effort they can take coming to create tension with and for both Russia and the imminent presidency of Donald Trump.

The globalist-Islamist agenda of the leftists is now in serious danger as Obama’s presidency will be officially over in the third week of January. Childish attempts of the Obama admin to sabotage the anti-terror prospect of a world where their investment is war zones is central to their power have fallen flat once again with Putin’s power as a true leader. Will it make the soreness of defeated Democrats worse?

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