Polio Vaccine Kills Infant Girl in Kenya

Polio Vaccine Kills Infant Girl in Kenya

Two live-virus polio vaccine doses in only three days, and the two-week young infant fell dead. This pharmaceutical crime was reported on AllAfrica.com on Wednesday.

Per details of the story, the two-week-old baby girl was administered the oral polio vaccine – which has a live virus that can cause polio – last Friday and then after just two days was again given the vaccine on Monday. And while she was perfectly healthy before vaccination, the second dose made her seriously sick and she cried in pain repeatedly, consoled by her mother. But around 10 in the evening, the child fell dead.

While the serious health risks of the oral polio vaccine are well-documented and widely reported, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to put nations in the third world at risk of disability and death of children by distributing the same vaccine that was “discontinued” in the west and US well over a decade ago because of the risk of poliovirus infection caused by the vaccine.

Such deaths linked to vaccines also disturb the peace in the community and provoke people to aggressively defend their children from potential death and disability. In case of the recent Kenyan child’s death, the same observation was reported.

“We shall chase the community health workers away with stones if they cause another problem,” a resident from the same community was quoted saying.

Investigations promised in such cases are always false and sold out to the administration that benefits from the WHO’s vaccination business in their countries.

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