How Can Addiction Affect Your Health?

How Can Addiction Affect Your Health?

by Daniel Bell

There are certain things in life that can be bad for our health. One of those things is addiction. Addiction is a problem that can affect anyone; it may even be an issue for someone reading this. But, how exactly does addiction affect your health? Read on to find out:alcohol-492871_960_720


Of course, addiction can have a huge effect on your physical health. Being addicted to drugs and alcohol leads to countless health problems. People with an addiction are far more likely to be at risk of getting cancer. Constant drinking or taking drugs will lead to a huge possibility of having heart problems. You’ll get high blood pressure and be at risk of stroke. Also, addiction can have a shocking effect on your weight. Too much alcohol can make you gain weight and become obese. Whereas lots of smoking/drugs can lead you to lose too much weight.

There’s no end to the physical issues that addiction causes. If you care about your physical health, you should stay away from addictive things. Don’t give yourself the chance to become addicted to something. Live a healthy life and stay on the clean path.


Not only will addiction affect your physical state, but it damages you mentally too. It doesn’t matter what you’re addicted to; it will affect your mental state. As per Sanford House, many people find it impossible to get out of the destructive cycle that is addiction. It plays on their mind 24/7, and yet they can’t figure out how to kick it. You start to feel helpless and can develop deep mental issues. Many people that are addicted to alcohol or drugs will also suffer from depression and anxiety. Also, insomnia is very common. This is a mental disease that can directly affect your physical state too. There are a whole number of mental issues that addiction can cause; it’s not good for you.

Everyone knows that one of the keys to being healthy is having a healthy mind. Addiction stops this from happening. As a result, it damages your health.


Addiction can also affect you emotionally. Think about it, if you’ve ever been drunk, you know it makes you feel different. You’re more expressive and free with your emotions. You do and say things that you wouldn’t have the courage to do or say normally. Alcohol and drugs will alter your emotional state, leaving you with no control. This gets magnified when you’re addicted to something. You become emotionally unstable. You can have random outbursts of anger or sadness. You get extreme highs when you’re taking stuff and then have very extreme lows.

Having your emotions played with like this is not good for your health. It can damage you on so many different levels. One of the signs of a healthy person is that they’re able to control their emotions. Addiction stops you from doing just that.

The best way to fight addiction is to stop it from happening. It’s a lot easier to say no and step away from alcohol and drugs than it is to cure addiction. Keep yourself healthy and keep your life clean.

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