Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine Could Cause Shingles

Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine Could Cause Shingles

The many adverse effects and life-threatening risks of COVID 19 vaccines have one more scary effect added to the list now – shingles. As multiple cases of shingles after vaccination with the Pfizer COVID 19 shot in Israel were reported a few days back, establishment propaganda mobs – aka mainstream media – are left struggling to cover up for the shingles-vaccine connection.

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The New York Post published the story on April 20, 2021 reporting on the six cases where recipients of Pfizer’s COVID shot in Israel developed shingles. Now the study doesn’t say the vaccine directly caused shingles but it does point to correlation and possible causation since vaccines have been known to have a suppressing effect on the immune system. Shingles erupt when one’s immune system is suppressed or exhausted fighting an infection (which the pathogen in the vaccine starts in the body of the recipient) in people that previously had contracted the shingles virus (varicella-zoster that also causes chickenpox in kids).

This report likely indicates the tip of the iceberg of shingle infections caused among people who take the COVID or other vaccines and experience immune suppression or exhaustion. Sensing that the story of shingles cases following Pfizer shot got media attention, establishment propaganda outlets came into action. Such an outlet KHOU posted a ridiculous defense of the vaccine and claimed there can’t be any connection between the Pfizer shot and shingles.

In its story titled “VERIFY: No, the COVID-19 vaccine does not cause herpes simplex” the channel seemingly claimed that the New York Post story tried to connect the Pfizer shot and herpes simplex. In reality the NYP story clearly mentions herpes zoaster, also known as shingles, in connection with the cases in Israel. And for its frantic defense of the vaccine, the channel proudly shares its source: the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In other words, the same discredited entity that is running the whole COVID-vaccine business show.

The pharmaceutical mafia and its propaganda wing, the mainstream media, are actively hiding evidence of vaccine damages and creating smokescreen stories to keep people from seeing the horrors of the vaccine that has been shown ineffective and dangerous. Shingles is just one of these dangers, and as time passes, much more is likely to come out as a sad surprise for those who took the shot.

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