Film Quiz 30 – Can You Name The Movie and Actor?

Film Quiz 30 – Can You Name The Movie and Actor?

Heya it’s Quiz hour and today we are having our Quiz 30. Can you believe this? Thirty quizzes done! I’ll take that back – 29 done and 30th in the process. But the movies really fly, don’t they? I am excited to offer today’s quiz because it’s a special actor in a special role. But first, let’s take our route via the answer to the previous quiz.

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In Quiz 29, you saw the shot from a biopic about a huge political scandal that rocked the Obama administration in 2013. The movie in question is Snowden (2016) and shows the events leading up to the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealing that the Obama administration was illegally spying on Americans via cyber technology. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the actor who played Snowden in the movie. Directed by Oliver Stone, the movie does a good job in realistically depicting the big revelation that exposed the overreach of the government of the time and the genuine concern of Snowden regarding violation of civil rights.

On to Quiz 30!

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Now this shot shows an actor that any fan of movies can’t possibly not know; if they do, they gotta start watching movies. The place he carved himself in action movies is timeless and can’t be occupied by anyone but him. The shot already tells you what kind of movie it is – and you can say so in your answers if you like. So here’s your shot for Quiz 30.

Quiz 30

Hint: This is a movie from the 70s. That’s all I can tell ya!

As always, put your answers in the comment box below.

Happy guessing!

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